Application development
UST India's Application Development services.
Offshore Web development
Offshore Web Development services are the key to your business prosperity.
We are the best in Imaging Industry.
Database programming
We can show you how easy the database programming process can be.
Web hosting
Our clients receive only top quality Web Hosting with continuous support.
Web site promotion
Without Website Promotion your site is useless. Find out how to start a new life for your business.
    College Management system.

A complete solution for Colleges. .Net product Release 2006.


    School Management System.

A complete solution for Schools. Release 2007

    Hospital Management System.

A complete solution for Hospitals. Release 2007


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Offshore Development

Offshore development is extremely useful during times when the Client has a flood of orders, and little time or resources to complete the work. That is when we would be able to handle some of the overflow, on your behalf.

Why Outsourcing to UST India ?

Even a small company can afford the services of UST professionals when they hire an outsourcer.
Increased service without head count.
Handle peak periods; offer quicker, better service and 24-hour coverage without investing in labor, space or equipment.

Associating with UST India

Cost efficient
Lower time to market
Rapid Implementation
Wide range of talent pool
Reduce Costs
Allows you to focus on your core business activities
Improve the level of service
Increase productivity and increase competitive advantage
Solve recruitment and retention problems
Greater skills and experience

Lalit Narayan Mithila University
Kameshwaranagar, Darbhanga
B.Sc.(Hons.) Exam., 2012-Result

B.Com.(Hons.) Exam., 2012-Result

B.A.(Hons.) Exam., 2012-Result

B.C.A.(Voc.Hons.) Exam., 2012-Result

B.Sc.(Voc.Hons.) Exam., 2012-Result

B.Sc.(Gen.) Exam., 2012-Result

B.Com.(Gen.) Exam., 2012-Result

B.Arts (Gen.) Exam., 2012-Result

UST India's news

City of Detroit

UST India's team finished complete designing and development for CITY OF DETROIT, MICHIGAN Using advanced Microsoft .NET technologies in the development process ...

December 25, 2011

We have launched multiple functional database driven web sites for various companies.

September 19, 2011

UST Examination Management System is the best and most valuable product for your institution.

January 17, 2011

We are proud to present ourselves as the Outsourcing Company outside US based in India with our 2 head offices each in Michigan and Florida. One of the main benefits going with us is comparably low cost and at the same time high functionality and reliability...

February 10, 1996 Onwards

Web site optimization and promotion services, provided by UST India is the key to success of any web site. In short terms and with maximum effectiveness the client receives a top quality service and business prosperity...

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